martes, 5 de mayo de 2009


Mexican President Felipe Calderon is denouncing some countries for taking discriminatory measures against Mexicans because of the swine flu epidemic.

Calderon says "some countries or places are taking discriminatory measures because of ignorance and misinformation."

He did not single out any country. But Mexico's ambassador to China says the Asia country has quarantined more than 70 Mexican travelers in hospitals — including some with no symptoms of swine flu.

Calderon took a veiled jab at China in a state television interview broadcast Sunday. He says Mexico did not try to hide its outbreak like other countries have in the past. China was criticized for initially denying they had a problem during the 2003 outbreak of SARS.

Meanwhile, a Foreign Relations Department official says Mexico will send a plane to China to bring back citizens after the Asian country quarantined the travelers. The official says the government will charter an Aeromexico airliner to take home any Mexicans who want to leave China. The official spoke on condition of anonymity Sunday because of department policy barring her from being named. The official could not say if priority would be given to Mexicans who have been quarantined.

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