martes, 5 de mayo de 2009

Susan Boyle's Interview With Richard Mooney

This is an interview that Susan Boyle has with Richard Mooney after she becomes an international sensation after Britain's Got Talent.


Richard: You’re broadcast on…became a sensation. But you know…online.
Susan: It’s been a knock out.
Richard: Yeah. The international press covered it as well. The Americans reported on it, an American magazine. How does that make you feel? How do you adapt to something like that?
Susan: It’s amazing. I mean it’s indescribable you can’t put words on something like that. It’s just a knock out. It’s really fantastic. I’m enjoying it immensely.
Richard: What were your thoughts before you went on the stage.
Susan: Well when anybody goes on that stage you’re always nervous. But that’s also a good thing to be nervous…
Richard: What is it you do yourself other than singing?
Susan: I’m a person looking after my home and the family. I’m unemployed at the moment.
Richard: You have a cat…is it pebbles?
Susan: Yeah she’s upstairs but she won’t come down.
Richard: How did she take the news?
Susan: How did she take it?! The usual cat way, wanting to be pet.
Richard: The reaction from everybody…was…were you surprised yourself?
Susan: I was surprised of the reaction. I didn’t expect a standing ovation. It was a pleasant surprise. Oh yeah I was pleasantly surprised.
Richard: Simon, all the judges were extremely positive…gave you an outstanding yes. How does that make you feel for what you’re…?
Susan: It’s given me confidence but I’m quietly cautious as well. Baby steps, you just take baby steps in this particular stage and see how you do.
Richard: …
Susan: I do…especially in the street and stuff like that.
Richard: And what about the church choir?
Susan: They’re 100% behind me too. They’re actually rooting for me all the way.
Richard: And is there anything else you’d like to see?
Susan: Probably not. I hope to do my best for you and keep my finger crossed.
Simon: Susan Boyle you can go back to the village with your head held high its three yeses.

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